What is the project?

Personal project is the link between MYP and DP. Student has to demonstrate skills, that he has gained in the secondary schools. He is getting an experience of self-investigation. 

Personal project specifications:

1. Self-investigation activities on the chosen topic

2. Continuous work throughout the study year

3. Student has a right to choose the supervisor

4. Project is evaluated using four criteria:

Criteria A: Investigation (max 8)

Criteria B: Planning (max 8)

Criteria C: Activity (max 8)

Criteria D: Reflection (max 8)

5. Finished project is presented.



The project consists out of 3 parts:

1. Project diary (notes, that student has been writing throughout the project work)

2. Written report (1500-3500 words in English with fixed structure, bibliography, content and academic fairness appendix)

3. Final product (movie, business-plan, picture etc.)


Personal project is the final assignment of MYP, giving a possibility to evaluate the results critically and giving students a chance to work on their own. Using the personal project, we can observe the inheritance of DP Extended Essay and PYP projects.