Primary years program

Preparatory - 4 grades

Being a basis for the personal student development from the early age, primary school sets a goal of preparing and educating curious, smart, environment-friendly students, aiming to create a safe world, preferring our own culture and history, respecting other cultures. Our school offers IB PYP program for students from 3 to 12 years old from the preparatory till 4th grade.

As a part of PYP program, we educate, bringing «real life» in the learning process. Inter-subject links help us to involve each student in the learning process.

Primary school is not a school of skills, but the first experience in the education - a place where students try themselves, advance in their development.

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Primary school strategic task is to raise a person, respecting his roots and understanding responsibility for the planet life, being able to advance and protect the peace in the world.