Being IB school, we share the fundaпmetal rule of preparing and educating curious, smart, environment-friendly students, aiming to create a safe world, preferring our own culture and history, respecting other cultures.

Primary school extracurricular activities.

Developing student uniqueness, respecting his interests and needs, our school offers the following activity areas: sport (football, tennis, skating, fencing, chess, karate), education (logics, painting, modelling, mythology, drama, theatre in English, Flyers, KET, choreography, second foreign language (Spanish, German, French, Chinese).

Development diversity is a key to success in the modern world.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” Jim Morrison


We are looking for innovations and creativity in the pedagogical activities


We are creating a better world through education


Education process openness and flexibility


We appreciate, value the diversity

Education process in our school is based on:

  • Different educational activities: lessons, seminars, lectures, brainstorms, discussions. Students spend up to 30% of the time in the school on scientific and self-study activities.
  • Hands-on approach: students use theoretical knowledge, taking part in practical activities.
  • Constant psycho-pedagogical diagnostics and involvement development monitoring.
  • Respecting age and individual psychological differences while choosing the educational methods.


Primary school (1-4th grades)Secondary school (5-9th grades)High School
  1. Choreography
  2. Tennis
  3. Skating
  4. Football
  5. Karate
  6. Logics
  7. Preparing to Flyers
  8. Preparing to KET
  9. Mythology
  10. Chess
  11. Drama
  12. Theatre in English
  13. Musical school
  14. Painting
  15. Modelling
  1. Choreography
  2. Football
  3. Basketball
  4. Chess
  5. Swimming
  6. Young naturalist
  7. Robotics
  8. Skating
  9. Maths in English
  10. Thinkers’ club
  11. Preparing to KET
  12. Preparing to PET
  13. Preparing to FCE
  14. Preparing to CAE
  15. Preparing to DELF
  16. Preparing to FIT
  17. Preparing to HSK
  18. Science
  19. Public speaking
  20. World politics secrets
  21. «Integrenok» magazine
  22. Theatre in English
  23. Mythology
  24. Cinema club
  25. Art school
  26. Painting on the sand
  27. Musical school
    1. Dance
    2. Football
    3. Basketball
    4. Swimming
    5. Chess
    6. Public speaking
    7. Preparing to CAE
    8. Preparing to е DELF
    9. Preparing to FIT
    10. Preparing to HSK
    11. Preparing to EGE (social studies)
    12. Preparing to EGE (maths)
    13. Preparing to EGE (Russian language)
    14. Preparing to EGE (English language)
    15. Mythology
    16. Musical school