Library is the central information, educational and cultural IB International School resource

In respect with the school mission, library becomes a school axis, a place to be proud of. Participation in IB programs gives our librarians lots of possibilities to be important school members. In all the best school the library solves problems of access to non-traditional sources of knowledge: DVD, CD, interactive courses, e-encyclopedia, interactive blackboard support, online database, Internet. We do not forget about the books! Nothing will replace traditional books. There are over 6000 books in our library, including over 20 printed media. There are also science books: mathematics, physics chemistry, biology, astronomy.

Our students get a set of new textbooks every year. We have lots of books in English, French, German and Spanish languages. What to do if your book is not available at the moment? Where to find new materials? You can get e-books in our virtual library. Our library partners with Russian and foreign educational and cultural centres, publishers. We pay a lot of attention to develop our students’ intellectually. We conduct special lessons, literature concerts, meetings, excursions, competitions etc. We partner with State Foreign languages literature library, Scientific Moscow State University library, Goethe institute library, Russian State Children library, Central Republican children Gaidar library. Our school library - is a friendly, comfortable place. Here children can do their homework, work on their assignments, read books and magazines, watch scientific movies. Library employees are always open for the dialogue with students, always attentive and are trying to make students better, all-developed people.

What can students learn from the work in library?

  • the library solves problems of access to non-traditional sources of knowledge
  • forms search, filter critical evaluation skills
  • organizes students work with reference materials
  • informs teachers about new literature
  • develop students


secondary and high school library head

Education: Moscow State Culture Institute, librarian

«Library / information IB standards» IB CIS school Association

Motto: Reading is only the start, life creativity - that is the goal (N.A. Rubakin)