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Conference Outline
The Third International Online Conference “Children for a Better World: Sustainable Development”
Hosted by XXI Century Integration International School, Moscow, Russia
Conference Dates: 11.02.2022 – 12.02.2022


The Third International Conference of research works of students studying under the IB DP/MYP/PYP programs is held by XXI Century Integration.

The Conference is aimed at increasing awareness about the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), collaborating and working with IB schools where the educational process is focused on developing highly moral citizens of the World who respond to global challenges with optimism, are confident in themselves, think critically, share innovations that support sustainable development and apply their knowledge in difficult and unpredictable situations.


The Conference Aims to:

*develop a clear understanding of the challenges that face the planet

*share ideas and innovations with schools across the globe to increase awareness of global challenges and thesustainable development goals

*create solutions to the climate crisis that has impacted our planet

*recognise personal potential, academic and personal success

*share effective teaching and communication methods in the IB programs that help students think criticallyabout sustainable development

*awareness about the diverse range of challenges that affect countries around the globe and how naturalenvironments can be used to create a sustainable future

*promoting closer relations between IB schools that lead to future community work


Conference Participants

The Conference is open to students from 6 to 18 years of age who are studying in educational institutions that implement one or more of the international baccalaureate Primary/Middle Years/Diploma Programmes.


Conference Agenda

The Conference is held according to the following program:


Session 1

For learners aged 6-18

Speaker on topic: Ocean Plastics, 30 Minutes

Presentations conducted by students IB PYP/MYP/DP programs

Maximum presentation time: 10 Minutes


Session 2

For learners aged 6-18

Speaker on topic: Climate Action, 30 Minutes

Presentations conducted by students IB PYP/MYP/DP programs

Maximum presentation time: 10 Minutes


Session 3

For learners aged 6-18

Speaker on topic: Life on Land, 30 Minutes

Presentations conducted by students IB PYP/MYP/DP programs

Maximum presentation time: 10 Minutes


Session 4

For learners aged 6-18

Speaker on topic: Affordable and Clean Energy, 30 Minutes

Presentations conducted by students IB PYP/MYP/DP programs

Maximum presentation time: 10 Minutes

For detailed information about sessions and topics, please see the conference agenda at www.integration21.ru


Participation of Schools and Individuals

Task: Choose one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (see below).

AFor more information on the SDGs: sdgs.un.org/goals

Choose one of the sustainable development goals and complete the following task:

Research Question ‘To what extent can sustainable development be achieved through your chosen SGD?’

•Research your chosen SDG and identify the problem/challenge
•Brainstorm solutions that will help achieve the development goal. Be sure to back up your solutionwith science and research!
•Present your findings in one of the 4 session timings.

Possible presentation formats (live or pre-recorded): essay, role-play, TED talk, TOK essay orexhibition presentation, community/personal project, CAS experience, dance, musical compositions,poems. You may choose any format as long as the presentation is inquiry and product-based.

Note: The SDG that participants choose can be any of the 17, and do not need to be related to thesession speaker topics.

All schools and participants will receive the conference compendium based on the sent materials and a certificate of participation which will be awarded by XXI Century Integration.
Please note the language of instruction/presentations is English.


If you would like to pre-record the format, please send this to to:conference@integration21.ru”>conference@integration21.ru by 28 January 2022.

The conference will be via Zoom and the Zoom ID login details will be sent one week before the conference.

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

Registration deadline: 28 January 2022. To register for the Conference please follow the link REGISTRATION FORM

XXI Century Integration will send you a confirmation with the next steps.

Integration 21 Century will reply to your email confirmation with the next steps.


For the agenda and conference provision, please visit www.integration21.ru

For more information on sessions and participation, please feel free to contact the school coordinators:

DP sections: Nigiar Mekhtieva     to:mekhtieva@integration21.ru”>mekhtieva@integration21.ru

MYP sections: James Nevin     to:j.nevin@integration21.ru”>j.nevin@integration21.ru

PYP sections: Kristina Moavad     to:k.moavad@integration21.ru”>k.moavad@integration21.ru

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