Monthly Archives: February 2018

27 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018

The Ant and the Butterfly

A cold, snowy month of February is the best time to remember the fable ‘The Dragongfly and the Ant’ by Krylov. But did you know that Krylov wrote his poem basing on another fable, ‘The Ant and the Beetle’, by Aesop? In the coursebook for the 4th grade we find this classical interpretation of a famous plot, however we have taken the liberty of acting out our own variation of this fable. Please, meet a hardworking Ant and a beautiful […]

12 Feb 2018

The big dinner

Today we present a collective project created by the students of class 2. This 3,5 minutes-long cartoon with a simple and funny plot was made in the PuppetPals app. A boy called Lou and his family came to a restaurant and, waiting for the waiter, decided to play a game – what could come out of it?