Monthly Archives: November 2017

21 Nov 2017


It all started at the door. As students arrived at school they the were greeted by the ‘sorting hat’ from Hogwarts. Placed upon each of their heads, the hat relegated each student to a house. Many children, fingers crossed, chanting aloud or silently the house which they wanted to belong to. After the sorting was completed, with even the doctors and some of the cleaners belonging to houses, the festivities commennced with a thunderous roar! The 6th and 8th classes […]

09 Nov 2017

Clever Polly and Space Travel

We begin the second academic term creating new projects. The fourth grade presents an English folk tale Clever Polly: our students act it out like a play. As for the students of the third grade, they have reached new heights mastering the Space topic. In the Adobe Spark app each of them has chosen some pictures and photos and recorded a fragment of educational text, and then we assembled a 3-minute film for you to watch.