Monthly Archives: December 2016

21 Dec 2016

New Year’s comradely football match

On Saturday, 17 of December a New Year’s comradely football match was held in high school. There were two teams: students vs. teachers and parents. The match was exciting, with multiple battles for the ball. The match was finished with the score 13:7 making the students the winners and the owners of New Year’s “Integration XXI century” school cup, despite teachers’ better experience in football. Some players have even been awarded: Basov Daniil as the best bombardier and Astrakhantsev Maxim […]

19 Dec 2016

Holiday is coming.

The New Year is coming closer and closer and everyone is waiting for presents. Handmade presents are priceless! Everyone is trying to decorate one’s home and classroom before the holiday.  So the 4 “A” graders have made Christmas wreaths as presents for their parents. Christmas wreath is an excellent way to decorate your home, it is a symbol of family warmth and love. In the video you can see Christmas wreaths done by our students and listen to the poem […]

19 Dec 2016

The ant and the beetle by 4th grade

Please, welcome a new cartoon on classical topic done by our Primary school students at their English lesson.

13 Dec 2016
13 Dec 2016
12 Dec 2016

The second International Olympiad of natural sciences in English “The Journey into the land of Science” was held in our school!

You can just take a look on the faces of participants to understand that it was very difficult, but interesting! Our team: Khromov Alexey, Kostoev Mohammed, Sekoyan Juliette, Dubrovin Dmitri, Mordkovich Gregory. Our guys performed well, made an interesting homework and did the exercises in ecology and biology excellent. They presented themselves as creative people during the practical part. The entire team thanks the support group (Loza Natalia, Nechaeva Nastya and Cusina Sophia) for the help in preparing the performance. […]

09 Dec 2016

Why do we need friends?

This was the most important question of collective psychology lesson in 4 and 5 grades. We’ve been waiting for 4 graders long. During the lesson students were participating in psychological games and were doing exercises in groups and pairs. A huge aquarium with fishes of impressions was the result of collective work.