Monthly Archives: November 2016

29 Nov 2016

Thanksgiving at primary school

High school students as the risk-takers decided to challenge themselves and get into teaching! Enjoy the pics and excerpts from the quotes of pupils about the things they are thankful for. Kate&Kamilla: We are thankful that we study in this school, that we are from Moscow, that we live on this planet and that we have a very good class. Jenny&Kity: We are thankful for “21 century Integration school”, life, family, youtube, friends, boys, Harry Potter, Anna Sergeevna, Svetlana Sabirovna. Alex&Kostya: We […]

22 Nov 2016

School Leaver Review

What Comes Next? School Leaver Review I have graduated from our school at 2015 and now I study information Management for Business at University College London. Life in London I really enjoy being part of the vibrant London life. The city is constantly thriving and developing. London is a major tech and finance centre and it is a perfect place to start a successful career. It is no surprise that first-year students are being strongly encouraged to apply to different […]

01 Nov 2016

Happy Haloween!

Wow! We had such fun last Friday. There were witches, vampires, zombie doctors, ghosts, skeletons, zombie brides, deathes and super heroes wandering along the corridors of Integration. Spooky sounds, Halloween movies, pumpkins, Jack o’ Lantern exhibition,a scary show with a bubbling cauldron, taffy apples and dancing party, that’s the way we’ve celebrated the most frightening holiday! See below for photographs and some action shots!!!