Our school, being a member of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, share fundamental Organisation approach towards preparing and educating curious, smart, environment-friendly students, aiming to create a safe world, preferring our own culture and history, respecting other cultures, having their own life position, being a part of the big world, efficiently using gained knowledge to achieve success in the modern dynamic world. In respect with aforementioned, in a day-to-day school practice, developing international educational standards, we use the criteria based grading, noting its objectivity, aiming to promote its stimulating features in a process of interaction between students, parents and the School.

Educational school program stimulates developments students’ qualities, such as activity, constant self-development and compassion.

School processes and strategic development is driven by six principles:

Motivation: we aim to create a better world through education

Worldwide thinking: we encourage and respect diversity

Quality: we are proud of our reputation, based on the high quality standards

Participation: all interested parties get as much information as needed about the educational process and are able to influence on the decisions.

Partnership: we achieve goals, working towards it all together

Leadership: we aim to innovate in the educational activities and appreciate teachers’ creative thinking.

School is working towards achieving these principles, integrating:

Russian educational system traditions with the best European educational system practices. It involves learning several foreign languages, learning cultural, linguistic courses, learning different subjects in English. International learning materials and software is used in the educational process. School teachers constantly develop, finishing different courses in the schools abroad, attending IB conferences and seminars.

Our school assists in completing educational programs and enrolling in the universities, creating individual educational plans, working with universities’ employees, organising special extracurricular activities. Individual project and scientific activities are carried out so as to prepare our students for university education.


Education principles, aimed at transmitting prepared knowledge and skills from the teacher to the student is not actual in the current world. We aim to prepare the students to gain, analyze and combine information themselves, solve theoretical and practical tasks using their creative thinking.