20 Feb 2018

The Ant and the Butterfly

A cold, snowy month of February is the best time to remember the fable ‘The Dragongfly and the Ant’ by Krylov. But did you know that Krylov wrote his poem basing on another fable, ‘The Ant and the Beetle’, by Aesop? In the coursebook for the 4th grade we find this classical interpretation of a famous plot, however we have taken the liberty of acting out our own variation of this fable. Please, meet a hardworking Ant and a beautiful […]

12 Feb 2018

The big dinner

Today we present a collective project created by the students of class 2. This 3,5 minutes-long cartoon with a simple and funny plot was made in the PuppetPals app. A boy called Lou and his family came to a restaurant and, waiting for the waiter, decided to play a game – what could come out of it?

31 Jan 2018

The Sixth International Olympiad «Royal Mathematics»

The «XXI Century Integration» the International Secondary School is organizing «Royal Mathematics» Olympiad in English for students 14-18 years old. The goal of the Olympiad is to give the opportunity for participants to try their hand at solving unordinary math problems in both the individual and the team contest. The Olympiad is held February 17th, 2018 (Saturday) at 10 a.m. at: 16,3Marshala Katukova street, Moscow. The registration fee per team is 500 rub., payable the day of the Olympiad. Every […]

08 Dec 2017

Young teachers at primary school

The children in the 2nd grade were super excited when the 8th grade came to their class and supported them with their next steps. The 8th grade students helped the children to extend their knowledge about Thanksgiving day. We are so proud of our young teachers who are always willing to help develop children’s learning! Eva: All of the students are very smart and cute! Our students know English pretty well for their age. All the stuff, that was given […]

21 Nov 2017


It all started at the door. As students arrived at school they the were greeted by the ‘sorting hat’ from Hogwarts. Placed upon each of their heads, the hat relegated each student to a house. Many children, fingers crossed, chanting aloud or silently the house which they wanted to belong to. After the sorting was completed, with even the doctors and some of the cleaners belonging to houses, the festivities commennced with a thunderous roar! The 6th and 8th classes […]

09 Nov 2017

Clever Polly and Space Travel

We begin the second academic term creating new projects. The fourth grade presents an English folk tale Clever Polly: our students act it out like a play. As for the students of the third grade, they have reached new heights mastering the Space topic. In the Adobe Spark app each of them has chosen some pictures and photos and recorded a fragment of educational text, and then we assembled a 3-minute film for you to watch.

11 Oct 2017


We will be passing a way of the Grand duke Yury Dolgorukii from Moscow through Vladimir to the ancestral lands of his son successor Andrey Bogolyubskii, and from there — to the prince city of Suzdal, where the Kremlin and Belokamennye Chambers are located. Here we will have an excursion to traditional Slavic ancient settlement Shchurovo, where we will try the hand in archery — important ability for the defender of fortress! Walking around the city, we will see the […]

29 Sep 2017

Ecological practice 2017

“Last week we had an ecological practice where we learned a lot of new things. In the first day our class went on a lesson where we were taught about water invertebrates. After several hours of the theory the teacher took us to a local pond to collect invertebrates to dissect them in our laboratory. We were given sieves, metal bowls, jars and spoons. After collecting samples we went to explore them. We divided on pairs. Each pair was given […]

29 Sep 2017

Football team

Dear parents! We are glad to tell you that this year the parental and teacher’s soccer team will be established again. Trainings will take place every Wednesday from 19:30 till 21:00. We are waiting for everybody! Children want to be proud of our team!  

18 Sep 2017

Day of Health

On Saturday, 09.09.2017 in our school there has been taking place the annual action devoted to Day of Health! This day even weather was favoring us, there was a sun after several days of a rain. It has allowed all of us to spend great day together! All of us who was on Day of Health have got received positive emotions, we had pleasure from competitions and communication! All 4 teams tried their best to win, and each of them […]