03 Feb 2017

«Mathematics beauty» in the primary school

Mathematics and IT week was held in the primary school from 23rd to 27th of January. The goal was to raise the interest to the subject. 11DP students Loza Natalia and Mohan Ilya came to the second grade students with their teacher Shatalova T.U. Lesson name was «Mathematics beauty». Anna Stepanova I liked the most when we learned how to make curved pictures out of straight lines. I was impressed that mathematics is beautiful. Vlada Derkach I learned that we […]

31 Jan 2017

SOLEMN meeting of memory of the 73-th anniversary of LIFTING the SIEGE of LENINGRAD AND VICTIMS of the HOLOCAUST

Today we gathered here to mark the new day – 27th of January. It is not a normal day, it is fulfilled with a sad memories about those, who died to support the blocked Leningrad, the city was freed 73 years ago. We are happy for those who survived and sad for those who died – mixed feelings fill our hearts. “We were listening for Necheva Nastya stories and watched pictures of that horrible time” Pavlova Eva “We have learnt […]

25 Jan 2017

Make good. Meeting with WWII veterans in the primary school.

“Make good” is our motto, that’s why we invite the veterans to our play “Story about Snegovushka”. It was a gift to our guests. After the play students had a chance to talk to the veterans over a cup of tea. Katia Kennefik “WWII veterans came to our school. First we showed them the new year play, after that we had a cup of tea with them. We asked lots of questions. War is the worst thing in the world”.

13 Jan 2017

Victory in the international festival “Sign about Russia”

The international festival “Sign about Russia” was held in the end of December 2016. It was dedicated to the year of Russian filming. Choir of “XXI century Integration” elementary school won in its age category. Our congratulations to winners! We offer you to listen to their performance and enjoy it with us!

09 Jan 2017

Victory in the competition of computer drawings

Congratulations to 3-4 graders of ” XXI century Integration ” international school, participants of the international competition “ArtKomp 2.0″, dedicated to the year of filming in Russia and to their supervisor Potukaeva Elena Alexandrovna!   1st place Vasileva Darya Galeeva Alina Karastelina Elizabeth Kennefik Ekaterina Minustina Eugene Yakovleva Ekaterina   2nd place Gomershtadt Ariadne Kotenko Valery Kuzminova Mayuri Sadukov Semen Strigin Miron   We wish them further success!

21 Dec 2016

New Year’s comradely football match

On Saturday, 17 of December a New Year’s comradely football match was held in high school. There were two teams: students vs. teachers and parents. The match was exciting, with multiple battles for the ball. The match was finished with the score 13:7 making the students the winners and the owners of New Year’s “Integration XXI century” school cup, despite teachers’ better experience in football. Some players have even been awarded: Basov Daniil as the best bombardier and Astrakhantsev Maxim […]

19 Dec 2016

Holiday is coming.

The New Year is coming closer and closer and everyone is waiting for presents. Handmade presents are priceless! Everyone is trying to decorate one’s home and classroom before the holiday.  So the 4 “A” graders have made Christmas wreaths as presents for their parents. Christmas wreath is an excellent way to decorate your home, it is a symbol of family warmth and love. In the video you can see Christmas wreaths done by our students and listen to the poem […]

19 Dec 2016

The ant and the beetle by 4th grade

Please, welcome a new cartoon on classical topic done by our Primary school students at their English lesson.

13 Dec 2016

A trip of 4 graders to the museum of soviet slot machines

You will know the impressions of our students from the video – reflection .    

13 Dec 2016

International Olympiad The Journey into the World of Science

On the 17 of December the second international Olympiad of natural sciences “The Journey into the World of Science”  will be held in high school. Good luck to our team!