19 Oct 2021

Introduction to the MYP

On September 29th, as we traditionally do in our school, we had the MYP initiation ceremony. The event was a total success thanks to the participation of a large number of staff. 5th grade students  were invited to attend and participate in various activities. During this event, students became increasingly acquainted with the IB system, and acquired the ten most important qualities of a person belonging to this program. After some activities shared between  children, our young MYP students took […]

11 Oct 2021

When you believe

Ekaterina Vanurina, IB class of 2021, (Brown University, USA), Ms. Nigiar Mekhtieva (IB DP Coordinator, TOK teacher) Текст To all the Diploma Programme students: Welcome to the start of a brand-new experience in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program! I can tell it is going to be a rather arduous, but fascinating journey. Please accept my best wishes for your future. Stay curious, hard-working and confident! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your teachers, your curator and your DP coordinator […]

05 Sep 2019

Integration XXI Century International School, which has been a leader in education for over twenty years, has set the goal of educating smart, open-minded students who love learning. Integration XXI Century fully shares the mission of the International Baccalaureate, according to which the school has been working for many years, successfully implementing both educational Russian and international standards. As evidence, the School gives both the Russian certificate and the IB diploma.   A well rounded development of character and the […]

27 May 2019

Our 23rd Day of Open Doors

Our 23rd Day of Open Doors, held on the 24th of April in the theatre hall at the Moscow International House of Music, was a smashing event for all our guests. This event is always unique, and always beautiful and heartfelt! As our guests entered the main hall, they were entertained by presentations from all our different faculties and our International Summer School in Croatia, which our children are looking forward to visiting this summer. Particular attention was paid to […]

12 Apr 2019

The Annual “Golden Branch” English drama competition

The annual “Golden Branch” English drama competition was held on the 10th of April 2019 in memory of the notable teacher Liudmila Grigorevna Simonenkova. 11 theatrical collectives gathered at the Berendey cultural centre to compete for the prize of ‘Best Performance’ and win the trophy. The sponsors of the event were Macmillan publishing house, and Reload educational company. Every participant was awarded a souvenir by the sponsors. During the competition, the audience were able to enjoy the various wonderful performances […]

05 Apr 2019

An Unforgettable Journey to the United Kingdom!

On the 9th of March, a party of 15 schoolchildren and two teachers landed in Foggy Albion. Having landed, we headed off to our temporary campus in Oxford. It was a Victorian home, surrounded by ancient trees, green lawns, and flowering bushes. A cozy, secluded place for contemplation, far from the frenetic lifestyle of the capital.  After lunch, we went to the center of Oxford itself, visited the ancient colleges of the aristocratic university, and also walked along the narrow, […]

06 Dec 2018

The All-Russian reader’s Olympiad “Reading to children about war – 2019” at the school “Integration XXIst century”

At the end of October, in the library of our school, the event called “Reading to children about the war” took place, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from enemy siege. The main goal of the action is the cultivation of patriotic feelings in children and adolescents based on the best examples of children’s literature about the Great Patriotic War, and stimulating love for one’s homeland. During the event, the 11th grade student from the […]

26 Nov 2018

Competition at the Junior School

A couple of weeks ago, two interesting events took place at the elementary school: the “Young reader” competition in English on the topic PYP “Space” and the English competition “Young translator” – “Translating is amazing!”.   The children enjoyed learning poetry, together with their parents they prepared costumes and made their performances. In the final there was a tough competition between participants.  Contestants read  their  poems expressively and emotionally! The youngest participant, Fedun Adriana, 1A class, gave the most artistic […]

26 Nov 2018

A trip into space!

As part of the research activity on the topic of “Space”, on November 20th in the elementary school, a meeting was held with Revin Sergey , 113th cosmonaut of Russia and 526th cosmonaut of the world. He made his first space flight in May 2012. The children were captivated by an interesting story about the difficult path towards becoming an astronaut. Rare shots from Sergey’s personal archive about the preparation of astronauts for flight, the traditions before the flight, the […]

09 Nov 2018

Spooky Halloween in our school

The Friday of the Halloween Holidays, lots of spooky and scary creatures turned up to our school!!! We really enjoyed the day and it was great to see children and teachers alike getting into the Halloween festivities. Thankfully all the children returned back to school after the holidays AND THE SPOOKY CREATURES STAYED AT HOME…