Our school works according to the Russian education program and International Baccalaureate program: PYP, MYP, DP.

Diploma Programme is an education, that makes our world better.

We have been teaching Diploma Programme for 10 years. It combines all the best from international education experience. It doesn’t replace the Russian education program, but rather improves it. It is appealing to different students, that’s why we offer lots of extracurricular activities - 25: native languages (Russian, English, Croatian, Serbian, Greek), foreign languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian for foreigners), humanitarian subjects, science subjects, Arts subjects (music and painting). That’s why our graduates can continue the education in the best art, design and music schools and universities.

DP is pre-university programme, that prepares the students to the university education and motivates them to be a part of the constantly changing society and world. Diploma Programme includes three major elements that extend the education experience and motivates students to apply their knowledge and skills. One of these elements is - extended essay, that requires lots of self-study on the chosen topic. The second one is theory of knowledge, focused on critical thinking development, while students learn understanding knowledge as the result of idea generation.

Social activity, initiated by the students is another format of getting new knowledge in the context of general education. Three CAS areas (creativity, action & service) assist personal and interpersonal student development through practical education and self-understanding.


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Nigyar Mekhtieva

DP coordinator

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  • 8(495)750-31-02