Children for the best world!

The international school

Goals and objectives

bringing together children from different parts of the world with the help of art;

promote the unity of different national cultures;

development of interethnic and international relations in the field of culture;

identification, support and promotion of talented young performers and creative teams;

aesthetic and humanitarian education of children and youth.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation in the international festival is 400 euro. The price includes:



three meals a day (FB)

organization fee

2 excursions

Additional charges for air ticket Moscow-Split-Moscow and visa.

Festival program

July 16 arrival and accommodation of participants. Organizational meeting for team leaders (evening)

Day 1 (17.07):

• rehearsal

• Grand Opening

• the performances of the contestants

Day 2 (18.07):

• rehearsal

• an excursion, for those wishing to tour

• performances of the contestants

3rd day (19.07):

• rehearsal

• Closing ceremony of the contest-festival. Award ceremony. Gala concert.

• An excursion, for those wishing to tour

Day 4 (20.07):

• Free day. Departure


Nomination "CHOREOGRAPHY":

(collectives, soloists, duets)

• classical dance;

• folk choreography;

• sports choreography (hip-hop, disco, techno, street, break-dance, as well as other street styles);

• contemporary choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassical, contemporary);

• variety choreography (modern ballet, show groups, step);

• ballroom choreography.

Conditions of participation:

• Each team must provide 1 or 2 choreographic compositions in one nomination lasting 2-5 minutes. Each soloist performs one piece for up to 4 minutes;

• All songs must be recorded on flash media;

• In the application, indicate whether the breakdown of rooms or work will be carried out in one unit.

Nomination "THEATRE”:

• drama performance;

• musical performance and musical;

• stage art and solo performance (reciters);

• Fashion theater, fashion collections, fashion shows.

Conditions of participation:

• A dramatic or musical performance of no more than 30 minutes;

• Mobile decorations are allowed, phonograms are given in advance in electronic form. Be sure to fill in the technical rider in the application;

• Stage art-1 or 2 rooms of no more than 3 minutes.

Nomination “VOCAL ART”:

• academic vocal (solo and ensemble), folk vocal (solo and ensemble);

• pop-jazz vocals (solo and ensemble);

• rock and rap (solo and ensemble);

• chorus.

Conditions of participation:

• Ensemble, trio, Duo, soloist-2 diverse works;

• Chorus-arbitrary program, timing no more than 10 minutes.

Repertoire free;

• Phonogram on flash-card;

• Concertmaster is not available;

• In the application, indicate whether or not the breakdown of the rooms or the work will be done in a single block.


• piano solo, piano ensembles in 4 hands;

• piano duet;

• folk instruments (soloists and ensembles);

• orchestral instruments (soloists and ensembles);

• guitar (soloists and ensembles);

• shock;

• orchestras.

Conditions of participation:

• Each performer must provide 2 contest compositions of no more than 10 minutes.


• figure;

• folk craft;

• tapestries, batik;

• decoupage

Conditions of participation:

No more than three works performed in one technique.

Age groups for all categories:

• Group A - up to 8 years

• Group C - 9-12 years

• Group C-13-15 years

• Group D-16-18 years

Jury of competition

The jury consists of notable individuals from the world of culture and art, professors, associate professors of higher musical educational institutions of Russia and Europe:

Grigoriy Gladkov (Chairman of the jury)

Composer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of composers and the Union of cinematographers of Russia. Academician of the children's television national Academy of Russia, laureate of the Roland Bykov children's film and television development Fund. Author of a large number of albums with songs for children (Russia).

Natalia Vorobyova – Hrzhich

Soviet actress, writer and poet, member of the Union of writers of Russia and Croatia (Croatia).

Mladen Gavran

Theater and film actress. Winner of awards in the field of dramatic art (Croatia).

Peter Gulko

Honored artist of Russia and Ukraine, artistic Director of the international charity Fund Vladimir Spivakov, winner of the UNESCO prize (Russia).

Catherine Messner

Associate Professor of the piano Department of the Moscow Conservatory, soloist of the Moscow concert Philharmonic Department. Laureate of International competitions (Russia).

Maria Nefedova

Musical Director and soloist of the Pokrovsky Ensemble. Teacher of vocal-plastic and speech techniques in Russia, USA and Germany. Winner of international competitions. Member of the Union of theatre workers of the Russian Federation (Russia).

Ekaterina Shirman

Executive Director of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Fund and Vladimir Krainev International Charity Fund for young pianists (Russia).


Participants of the contest-festival are awarded with special prizes and diplomas. Each category and age category are awarded the title of Laureate of I, II, III degrees, as well as the title of Diploma I, II, III degrees. The absolute winner of the festival is awarded the title of Grand Prix winner.

Application deadline (for schools and other organizations)

The deadline for applications is April 10.

The deadline for payment of participation in the festival is April 25.

Applications for participation in the festival competition should be sent to festival@integration21.ru

(Please check the receipt of the application to the specified e-mail address!)

Organizing Committee of the festival “Children for a better world”:

1. International school “Integration of XXI Century”

2. Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Fund

3. The office of "Rossotrudnichestvo" in Croatia

4. The Russian Embassy in Croatia

5. City hall of Zadar (Croatia)

Contact persons for communication:

Mrs. Maya Rizhskaya (Head of Arts Department, " Integration of XXI century»)

phone:+7(906) 785-0327 (mob.) maya_rigskaya@integration21.ru

Mrs. Kristina Moavad (IB PYP coordinator, the Integration of the XXI century»)

phone: +7(915) 430-2113 (mob.) k.moavad@integration21.ru

Always with You!