Integration XXI Century International School, which has been a leader in education for over twenty years, has set the goal of educating smart, open-minded students who love learning. Integration XXI Century fully shares the mission of the International Baccalaureate, according to which the school has been working for many years, successfully implementing both educational Russian and international standards. As evidence, the School gives both the Russian certificate and the IB diploma.


A well rounded development of character and the formation of international mindness is unthinkable without the exchange of knowledge and experience with representatives of different cultures and nationalities. This was one of the reasons why the Head of Integration XXI Century Ms. Kulichenko founded a school in Croatia. The idea of the Summer School is attractively simple: to combine serious studies with relaxation and entertainment on the Adriatic coast.


The IB Diploma Programme is one of the options that the Summer School offers, and, of course, being an IB coordinator I could not help but be interested in such an opportunity. That is why this summer my DP students and I went to Croatia.
A schedule was created for each student taking into account which DP subjects were chosen by him or her. This year we decided to focus on Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Management, Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. In the daily routine, hours were allocated for water sports (as well as for swimming, riding (on a banana, scooter, etc.) and sunbathing), independent training (Independent study time) and … evening events. During the three weeks of their stay at the Summer School, students went on interesting excursions, walked around the beautiful cities of Croatia, went rafting, participated in debates, performed in talent shows, went on quests, played different games, and this was all during the process of completing the serious and difficult Diploma classes, writing works of internal and external assessment and preparation for international exams IB.
Of course, all the children were delighted with this trip. I am very glad that my students spent part of their vacation so beneficially and joyfully.
As a coordinator, it was important for me that my students receive international experience and an assessment of their knowledge and level of achievement by external, independent experts. “Integration XXI Century” invited experienced international teachers who visited different parts of the world to teach at the summer school, which cannot but be admired.
Acquired contacts and experience, gained and improved knowledge, a boost of energy and many wonderful and joyful memories – perhaps this is the conclusion we can draw from our trip.
Of course, a joint stay in a Summer School could not but affect our relations with the students, which is not unimportant in the work of a teacher. We really became a close-knit team, which, I am sure, will soon be reflected in the results of DP.


IB Diploma Coordinator, Theory of Knowledge teacher
Nigiar Mekhtieva


Reflection on the attendance of the XXI Century Integration Summer School 2019


Konstantin Shashkov, 11 DP

Time passes. It passes non-stop not waiting for anybody and anything. And what do we, the people, get from it? We get nothing but time itself. The time, which is probably the most precious resource we have. But how do we use it? Do we benefit from the gift of time we have? Unfortunately, only a tiny bit of it we manage to extract the full potential from. How to become more productive? We should simply use our time more efficiently.

Few people want to work when it is not obligatory, nor I wanted. I thought it was unnecessary to engage myself in studying during the summer holidays when I was pretty exhausted after the intensive academic year. Therefore, when the idea of going to the Summer School was presented to me by my DP coordinator Ms Nigiar Mekhtieva I felt reluctant to do any scholar activities and nearly refused to go, but, eventually, agreed. Only then, being in the School in Croatian Petrčane, I realised the sense of this event. Probably, initially, I was right, thinking that these 3 weeks were not crucial for me to pass the DP attestation since I had already had quite a good performance. However, the Summer School turned out to be completely different in its role. It was not about something essential for the future success within a well-known to every DP student academic path, it was about additional benefits, about broadening the mind. Combining the acquisition of knowledge in the profile DP subjects and non-academic activities, which were partly new for me, it brought me a unique experience that I honestly did not expect to get within my school.

The main feature of the scholar part was the teachers. It is always a pleasure to meet people from a different, but it is an even greater pleasure to meet the experts, who can give you a fresh and detailed look at their subjects through the perspective of their culture and experience. Despite being one of the first schools to teach IB in Russia, 21st Century Integration has less practice in it than, for example, some of the major IB schools in London. Although, the good point about our current DP teaching strategy is the aspiration to make the foreign experience available for the teachers and the students of the school. The three weeks I spent with the specialists from the UK I find highly productive for my understanding both of the subjects themselves and the DP assessment formats. Besides, I made serious progress in my Business Management IA, discussed the knowledge question for the TOK presentation and considerably improve my knowledge of Computer Science. I would prefer to work more on the Computer Science IA and EE, but, unfortunately, the insufficient performance of my previous teacher forced me to spend this time catching up with the syllabus. On top of that, the school has organised TOK debates, where we, as the participants, had a brilliant opportunity to reflect on the nature of knowledge and the process of its production. All in all, I found these 3 weeks very productive in terms of studying and, especially, in terms of seeing the subjects and the whole idea of DP from a different perspective.

The non-academic part was exciting. The school has given us a chance to participate in various activities, from riding electric scooters to water skiing. And of course, all the people participating made them especially joyful. Many of them I have done for the first time there and it was a nice experience. I would also note how the teachers and our coordinator, in particular, paid attention to the problems we had and the care they took when my friends and I had faced some health issues. The warm companionship and support between the members of the group was one more thing that made this vacation special. I would say that it brought my classmates and me together and enabled us to discover each other from a different side. The beautiful birthday celebration that was organised for me worths a special mentioning.

The drawback of the camp was the organisational issues, which were sometimes really serious and which we had quite a lot of. Also, I would prefer to have some more freedom, when it does not reflect on the academic results and better differentiation of the activities of different age groups. Although, these flaws were compensated by the studying performance, the great time we had and our overall personal development.

To conclude, I am generally satisfied with the weeks spent in the 21st Century Integration Summer School and I have to admire that would probably spend them much less productively on my own. I am very grateful to the administration of the camp, the teachers, and especially my classmates and the DP coordinator, who encouraged me to come to the school and supported me during the entire course.


Daria Lapko, 11 DP

This summer I’ve visited an Integration 21st Century International Summer School in Petrčane, Croatia. This trip lasted for 3 weeks – from July 21st to August 11th. This was a memorising adventure and I will never forget the days I spent there.

Everything started with the camp opening – all teachers and students gathered in a conference room to tell about themselves and get al the important information about further studying. This was the official start and since then the summer school worked «at full power». I myself had lessons of Computer Sciences and TOK during the first week. I liked the teachers, because their way of presenting materials and talking to students was very professional and not too serious at the same time. This created the beautiful working environment, neither too severe, nor too relaxing, and this was the best for me. During the Computer Sciences lessons I worked over my Extended Essay and got some new information to learn for my IB exams. In terms of EE, I finally defined my theme and research question and formulated the plan for writing it. Talking about the TOK lessons, mostly the teacher was explaining how to use different ways of knowing in our TOK Essays, but I also got time to work over my TOK Presentation. Moreover, I discussed the real-life situation for it with the teacher and he helped me a little with formulating knowledge questions. Although I had TOK lessons for all 3 weeks of my stay, the most interesting ones were during the last week, on 5th, 6th and 7th of August. This was because of the TOK debates, for which all students of TOK class were divided in 2 teams and had to defend a certain position in terms of specific knowledge question. My team insistently prepared, created a remarkable introduction into our argument and a lot of different claims to support our opinion. Finally, this led us to a deserved victory. Nevertheless, we thanked our opponents because they also worked hard and showed their best while re-battling. Starting from the second week and till the end of my stay I had the lessons of Business & Management. During these I was writing my Internal Assessment and revised some material for the IB Business exam. The teacher was also great, as she gave me a large number of personal recommendations and assisted me on gathering material.

Despite the fact that this is a school and I was invited here to study and work over my IAs and EE, I still had some time to relax and swim in the sea. The summer school offered me a great chance to try myself in waterskiing and wakeboarding and I, of course, agreed. It was a great experience, as I never did this before and I was extremely excited when it started to get good. Also I had 2 free rides on «banana» and 1 on «crazy UFO» – inflatable items to ride on while attached to the jetski. It was a great fun, especially when the driver started doing it fast and people began to fall into the water. The fact that we had time to swim before noon, when it’s not that hot and there are no straight sun rays, also made me happy.

During the weekends we had many exciting activities such as karaoke, trips to Zadar and Nin, and rafting. The one I like the most was a last trip to Zadar, which happened on Friday, third week of my stay. We had a wonderful adventure through old part of Zadar and coast on electric scooters. I never tried these vehicles before and I really wanted to, so this was a great chance. And a fact that it was combined with excursion made it unbelievable.

Separately I would like to thank my DP coordinator and summer mentor Ms Nigiar Mekhtieva. She was the one that helped me the most with my problems, not only in terms of studying, but also personal problems. She was very caring and a great listener. I always knew that I could tell her about my problems or misunderstandings and she will assist me on solving them all. I look forward to seeing her again as my DP coordinator at school next year.

Overall my 3-week stay in this summer school was wonderful.

I am full of great memories and I would certainly recommend this camp to other Everyone can find something interesting for him/herself here. Desire is all you need!


Anastasia Smirnova, 11 DP

This summer I went to summer school in Croatia. I spent three weeks there. The main purpose of my trip was to write Maths and Business IA and English EE. The first week I and my teachers discussed how to write all the essays correctly and competently in each subject. Later, I started writing my essays. The lessons were extremely effective and very interesting. By the end of the three weeks, I had written quite a lot on each subject, and I had even almost finished Business IA. It felt like the teachers really cared how successfully I did the job, and it just added to my confidence.

As for the evening activities, they were surprisingly exciting. Thanks to these evening meetings, I met some amazing people who, to be honest, I will miss a lot. In addition, I saw people I already knew from very different sides, which brought us even closer together. In the evenings, I tried to help the adults cope with the children, which was quite fun and an important experience for me.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people who were with me in this camp, especially my DP coordinator, who helped me to join the company and cope with any problems that arose. To be honest, if I hadn’t gone to this summer school, my work would not have been as well written as it is now. And I wouldn’t have met such amazing people, had such a good time with my friends and done such a job. So, I want to say a huge thank you to the DP coordinator for inviting me to this school.
Many thanks to our Principal and School for giving me the opportunity to learn from such excellent international experts. The experience I gained at the summer camp will be very useful to me.

Valeriya Zhirnova, 11 DP
This summer I was lucky to go to the Integration 21 century Summer school for the first time. There I studied Business Management, Mathematics and Theory of Knowledge. My goal was to write IA and thanks to the Summer DP Programme and excellent teachers, I managed to achieve this goal just in 2 weeks. Also, I recall with a smile the days I spent with my classmates and my DP coordinator. Almost every evening we did some new activities. We had trips to Zadar, Nin and Split. We watched a starfall. The atmosphere of that place was very friendly and opened, it allowed me not to be afraid to express my opinion and only promoted a personal growth. That time will definitely remain in my memory.


Evdokiia Popova, 11 DP
Few time ago we returned back home from a Summer camp organized by our school in Croatia. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this much fun activities, I was preparing myself for a more academic type of trip. Well, I was wrong.
Every day our DP coordinator tried to put this vacation on a balance between serious studying and having fun. In addition, we had lot of other activities which were organized specifically for the little ones. However, I was expecting that there would be more things planned for one’s over 14.
During every subject I chose, I encountered a lot of new information. For instance, our Business Management teacher for me on the right path with my IA and was just a very nice person. Furthermore, our Mathematics teacher had a different way of teaching, thus the information was easily understood.
I would like to say special thanks to my coordinator Ms Nigiar Mekhtieva for her devotion and passion. Those 2 weeks I spent in Croatia would have been different if not for her. She made every day differ from the previous one and shine with joy.
I would like to say many thanks to my school. I was given a great opportunity that I will never forget.


Robert Fairfax Coffey BA(HONS) MA.Ed PGCE
Degree: Psychology/English, University of Leicester
Post Graduate Course in Education: Bath Spa University
Masters Degree: School Administration and Management, Pebble Hills University USA
Management Diploma: Chartered Institute of Managers, London
My specialist areas of expertise are Theory of Knowledge, English A and B, Psychology, Social Anthropology and Extended Essay.
I have been teaching for over 22 years, internationally and in the UK. I have taught and examined for all the major exam boards at A-Level and GCSE, and since moving to the international market I have Cambridge IGCSE Examiner and teaching experience of over 7 years.
I first encountered the IB in the UK where I worked in a team planning and implementing the DP initially into a successful inner-city school and then transferring to a large city academy. The programme was very successfully embedded into the curriculum and ran with a high degree of success, with many students progressing to some of the best universities in the world; I have been advising schools and teaching the IB for the 15 years since.

My first approaches with the students was to see what they knew, to review the basics of the TOK programme and develop from there. I began by reviewing the Ways of Knowing, focusing on language, sense perception, emotion, reason, but only touching on imagination, faith, intuition, and memory through discussion. The students were a little rusty to begin with but were soon actively engaging with preceptive and incisive contributions. I was very impressed with the flexibility of their thinking. We then moved on to structuring arguments within the framework of the TOK essay. The importance of a balanced and supported argument was reinforced. We also looked at the need for the inclusion of personal and shared knowledge to support points made. Students completed a written discussion on the Nature vs Nurture debate and an outstanding formal debate on the acceptance of Knowledge. Overall, I was very impressed with the students approach to their studies, their willingness to debate issues and their recall of information from a range of sources. Discussions were always lively and yet respectful with a dose of humor which I feel is the right was to do it.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and I am sure they will all go on to bigger and better things.


Veronica Gracias
Teacher of IBDP Business Management and Extended Essay Coordinator
Teacher’s Diploma – University of Manchester
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Education – Polytechnic of the South Bank – UK
B’Ed Hons Degree – University of London
Certificate of Business Education – Garnett College, Roehampton, University of Surrey
Worked as a teacher for over 20 years in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa and in London, UK in various State and Independent schools. Also worked as a volunteer in various organisations such as YWCA, IB/DP Conference at Kings College in UK as a Chaperon and work shadowing in different business organisations.
I believe the IB mission statement ‘to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create aa better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect’ encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.
The goals of IB Business Management in the Summer School are:
1. To broaden the knowledge of the IB Business Management by being able to demonstrate business skills and application of knowledge to a range of real world situations in the Internal Assessment component which is an integral and compulsory element of the Business Management for both HL and SL
2. To help students in the requirements and implementation of the Extended Essay in Business Management
3. To focus on the six major concepts that are the foundations of a real world organisation of Business Management with reference to the Examination Paper 2, Section C.