Our 23rd Day of Open Doors

Our 23rd Day of Open Doors, held on the 24th of April in the theatre hall at the Moscow International House of Music, was a smashing event for all our guests. This event is always unique, and always beautiful and heartfelt!
As our guests entered the main hall, they were entertained by presentations from all our different faculties and our International Summer School in Croatia, which our children are looking forward to visiting this summer. Particular attention was paid to the presentation about the festival “Children for a better World”, which will be held for the first time from the 17th to the 20th of July in the Croatian city of Zadar, on the best stages this historic city has to offer, with the assistance of the International Charity Fund of Vladimir Spivakov, the mayor of the city of Zadar, “Rossotrudnichevstvo”, and the personal participation of the Russian ambassador in Croatia.
All our guests were immediately plunged into the life of the school. Pictures and three-dimensional paper models created by our students, which showcased the creative originality of the authors, as well as robots that came to life at the hands of their creators, drew gasps of surprise and admiration,. All those present happily experienced our extraordinary energy of inspiration and joy of knowledge. The stand of each department presented was interesting and unique.
The celebration continued with a magnificent concert on the stage of the Theater Hall of the International House of Music. Our school anthem got the ball rolling, sung by the combined choirs of our primary and secondary school under the direction of the Moscow Government Culture Award laureate Svetlana Naumova, and the laureate of accompanist competitions Inna Olegovna Zangieva. Our talented students, among whom are laureates of the XVI International Festival “The World of Music – the World of a Child”, performed brilliantly!
Our guests were spellbound by the Chamber Orchestra of the MPU “Cantus Firmus” conducted by Alexander L. Khurgin, together with our young soloists, winners of Russian and international competitions. We are proud of our students who perform brilliantly at such a young age on a professional stage! Vera Aldonina performed the “Lullaby”, which she dedicated to the memory of her mother – Yulia Nachalova. The entire concert was permeated by expressive choreographic numbers, staged under the guidance of our teacher, winner of the competition “Professional Recognition”, Maya Ramilievna Riga. The children showed amazing flexibility and musical sense, expressing their souls in dance!
Two performances completed this musical feast: our young actors, the Grand Prix winners of the Golden Sprig festival in 2019, laureates of the 1st degree of the Roman Fantasy festival in Italy gave a rendition in English of Beauty and the Beast, and our talented high school students performed the real Broadway musical “Annie” (“Music Theater International Broadway junior production “). From the magnificent presentation and bright costumes, it was impossible to take your eyes off this entrancing spectacle; we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to our guys and girls for regaling us with their wonderful acting abilities!
Throughout its history, the walls of the Moscow International House of Music have heard a lot of applause, but the standing ovations on our Open Day are special – the love and pride in children and grandchildren! There were gifts and prizes for our students and staff: Person of the Year – Dubrovina Victoria G., Teacher of the Year – Michkova Anna Sergeyevna, Student of the Year – Kardashidi Olga (9th grade), Person of the Year – Dronov Ivan (9th grade)! Congratulations! And the most important reward are the aspirations and successes of our students, everyone can be justly proud of! We wish you new achievements and successes, you can do it!
We would like to thank our school director Svetlana Kulichenko, all our teachers and staff, the parents, our students, the orchestra, the conductor, arranger, as well as the administration and all the service staff of the Moscow International House of Music for helping to organize our celebration!