Day of Health

On Saturday, 09.09.2017 in our school there has been taking place the annual action devoted to Day of Health! This day even weather was favoring us, there was a sun after several days of a rain. It has allowed all of us to spend great day together!

All of us who was on Day of Health have got received positive emotions, we had pleasure from competitions and communication! All 4 teams tried their best to win, and each of them showed persistence and eagerness to a victory. Also there has taken place tough fight on the soccer and volleyball court where parents and children have shown their sport skills.

After the sports events all of us have passed to a beautiful glade where everyone shared the impressions and emotions, while eating tasty dinner.
“I like a new place where event took place very much. There is a convenient entrance, the parking, it is close to school, there are specially equipped platforms for playing soccer and volleyball. Competitions which were held for pupils and parents as always were up to the mark. I was surprised that this year there were less participants, than usually. Day of health is a fascinating and useful event, a great way of carrying out leisure with family. It is a pity that the school cook didn’t prepare a shish kebab in the park on a brazier, last year everybody appreciated his culinary talent. In future it would be desirable to carry on this tasty tradition”.
Malova Anastasia