SOLEMN meeting of memory of the 73-th anniversary of LIFTING the SIEGE of LENINGRAD AND VICTIMS of the HOLOCAUST

Today we gathered here to mark the new day – 27th of January. It is not a normal day, it is fulfilled with a sad memories about those, who died to support the blocked Leningrad, the city was freed 73 years ago. We are happy for those who survived and sad for those who died – mixed feelings fill our hearts.
“We were listening for Necheva Nastya stories and watched pictures of that horrible time”
Pavlova Eva
“We have learnt how Germans killed Jewish people only because they were Jewish. It is sad when we learned that they killed innocent people”
Ponomarenko Eva
“A minority of us remembers the date of 27th of January. For lots of people it is just a normal day, and for others it is memories about all the horrors”
Kuzina Sofia