Thanksgiving at primary school

High school students as the risk-takers decided to challenge themselves and get into teaching!
Enjoy the pics and excerpts from the quotes of pupils about the things they are thankful for.

We are thankful that we study in this school, that we are from Moscow, that we live on this planet and that we have a very good class.
We are thankful for “21 century Integration school”, life, family, youtube, friends, boys, Harry Potter, Anna Sergeevna, Svetlana Sabirovna.
We are thankful that we are happy, we have good family, friends, for school, for knowledge.
I’m thankful for my family, my teachers, my friends, my dog, my home, birthday, this day, for the food, this school, for this planet. I’m thankful for my life.
I am thankful for going to school, having a house, having a family, being healthy, for great lessons by students from high school and teachers.
I’ m thankful for my family, my teacher, for this lesson and this school.

We are very proud that we helped to teach growing up generation. What about me, I was excited to see how pupils were interested in knowing about Thanksgiving Day and American traditions. It is very important that school gives us opportunity to visit 3 PYP grade students because we become something like example to follow. I hope we are good example.

Gregory Kazmenko, 10 DP

I think that IB student need to share his knowledge with other students who don`t know as much as he does. When I was in Primary school, I found out that pupils really listen to me, they are very attentive to information, ask questions (sometimes tricky), so I try to explain the material better. Telling others, I`m learning myself.

Ivan Stromilov, 10 DP