School Leaver Review

What Comes Next?
School Leaver Review

I have graduated from our school at 2015 and now I study information Management for Business at University College London.

Life in London
I really enjoy being part of the vibrant London life. The city is constantly thriving and developing. London is a major tech and finance centre and it is a perfect place to start a successful career. It is no surprise that first-year students are being strongly encouraged to apply to different companies straightaway to gain working experience as soon as possible and become active members of London’s extremely competitive job marketplace.

Studying at UCL
Studying at UCL is also very exciting. My course allows me to gain understanding of different aspect of management: from marketing and organizational behaviour to accounting and data analytics.

Moreover, an interesting part of my course is its IT component. We study programming, information systems and software engineering to be able to perform effectively and efficiently in the modern technological world. Everyone is interested in technology in some way and I strongly encourage students to develop that interest, as technology plays a crucial part in our daily life.

During out studies we also have an opportunity to build our communication and teamwork skills while completing group coursework activities. The idea is that modern companies are team-structured and thus cooperation skills are essential.

Last but not list, at UCL self-discipline is key – in my course we should spend about 7 hours on self-studying per day. Lectures and seminars become no more than a formal overview of the topic – its understanding and perception is the student’s responsibility.

Thanks to my school
That is what our school has tough me. Becoming independent and developing your own ways of studying is very important if you want to get the most of your university course. Watching YouTube videos and reading relevant articles helps to get a better understating of the subject in question.

Moreover, I am especially grateful for the English fluency level that the school has helped me to achieve – that allows me to comprehend the course material easily and smoothly.

Finally, I am very grateful to those teachers who have put their effort into broadening our horizons and developing our thinking. That greatly supports me in my studies and my day-to-day reflections.

Ani Sargsyan