Intellectual Kings. Grand Final.

Intellectual Kings is a great opportunity to challenge our students in terms of not only their English, but also in terms of public speaking. Only 25 students of 1000 went through to the final, and so it was a delight to see 3 of them be ours. They all performed extremely well, showed off their ability to present a 5min talk in English, and answered questions posed to them by the jury.

We are delighted to congratulate Elena Kuznetzova on winning 3rd place, and Kostya Shashkov on getting a special mention on the originality of his talk!

Alexander Yakovlev:
On the 20th on April I took part in the Intellectual Kings Olympiad. We were given a variety of topics to pick for the final tour. The task was to prepare a presentation on a selected theme. The organization of the contest was at a decent level and I experienced no trouble throughout the whole process. Personally, I developed my oratory skills and practiced writing an essay.

Shashkov Konstantin:
On the 20th of April 2019 I took part in the final round of the IX Intellectual Kings Olympiad. During the event each participant delivered a presentation on one of the suggested topics. Some of them were fairly good! I did a presentation in an unusual format: I performed an interview with my friend and an AI. I really enjoyed both speaking myself and listening to others and I think this competition was useful for my English language practice.

Kuznetsova Elena:
The format and the level of Intellectual kings olympiad were quite impressive. It was very important for me to practice speaking skills and learn how to communicate with the audience. Although I was nervous, I tried to do my best! I am very proud of having the opportunity to participate in such a great event.