A trip into space!

As part of the research activity on the topic of “Space”, on November 20th in the elementary school, a meeting was held with Revin Sergey , 113th cosmonaut of Russia and 526th cosmonaut of the world.

He made his first space flight in May 2012. The children were captivated by an interesting story about the difficult path towards becoming an astronaut. Rare shots from Sergey’s personal archive about the preparation of astronauts for flight, the traditions before the flight, the details of the spacesuit, the experimental activities on the ISS, and  much  more were shown. At the end of the presentation, Sergei answered the questions and repeated once again how important it is to study well and play sports.

In gratitude for the meeting, the students gladly gifted him a picture and made poems about space in English.


It was unforgettable journey into space!




Sergeeva Amalia (student 3A):

I learned a lot about space, the International Space Station and about the experiments he conducted in space from Sergey. I was surprised by the photos of our planet. The astronaut showed a thin layer of the atmosphere and said that it is important to protect the air on Earth. I agree with him, because the atmosphere is so fragile. I realized that it is important to preserve water, air. And from space, the Earth looked very beautiful!


Fedun Adriana (student 1A):

It was pleasant for me to present my poem to Sergey. I like to watch cartoons and movies about space. At this event, we met with a real cosmonaut for the first time. I saw a woman astronaut in his video and thought that I, too, could become one and fly into space. To do this, I need to study a lot and well, play sports